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Paddock to Pantry Supports the Community and Environment

Paddock to Pantry Community Support

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Delivering a 'neat little store' for the community was a key reason Wayne & Melanie Kennerley purchased the 'Karaka Country Market' to develop what is known today as Paddock to Pantry.  It's no surprise then that supporting Sports Clubs, Schools and Charitable Organisations are just part of what Paddock to Pantry does!

Local community initiatives include:

During Covid19, Paddock to Pantry became a key provider of groceries to the local community.  Keeping the shelves full of Fresh Produce, Export Quality Meat, everyday Groceries, Beer and Wine was challenging, but we're very proud of how we helped to make it easier and safer for those who live local. 

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we are helping Breast Cancer Cure to raise funds for their charity to help vital breast cancer research in New Zealand. We are doing this via the sale of our 'You Are Amazing' cookies, that can be added to any gift.

During this time Mel took the initiative to deliver groceries to farm gates to our more elderly or those with medical conditions.  At the same time Paddock to Pantry raised over $1,100 in 2020 and close to $5,000 in 2021for Totara Hospice by selling home picked flower bouquets. Paddock to Pantry has ongoing activity to support both Totara and Franklin Hospice by:

  • Volunteering at their fundraising events
  • Being a major sponsor for the Franklin Garden Ramble 2020  
  • Helping with essential groceries such as milk and bread during Covid19.
  • Raising funds for Franklin Hospice by having an electronic unit at our till to support the raising of donations.

Another organisation we work closely with is the South Auckland Christian Food Bank.  We do this by cash donations, food and assistance at their Christmas Dinner.  

Wayne, outside of day to day role as CEO uses his time and Business, Marketing and Financial skills on the Interflora NZ board.  Interflora has over 200 member florists throughout NZ and the greater pacific.  "Established in 1935 this long standing Co-op needed some significant change if it was to continue its mission of supporting florists in the future.  I was thankful for the opportunity and support I received to help achieve the change that was needed so that this businesses can not only survive, but thrive!"   

Paddock to Pantry is also the pick up and drop off point for ladies making hospital buddies that go to Kidz First and Starship as Melanie is the Hospital Buddy Co-Ordinator for the South Auckland Federation of Women's Institute. 

Paddock to Pantry Sustainability Efforts

We recycle as much as we can including the basics such as sorting out our cardboard and plastics from our general waste.  We go a step further using our left over boxes from suppliers to box up customer groceries or to box up online deliveries.  Where its more appropriate for a customer to use a bag for their goods, we offer a free paper bag (yes that's right we don't charge for paper bags).  For our nationwide flower offer we use a box that is made from recycled cardboard. Our Gift Boxes are delivered in sustainable wood packaging.  

To make the most of spoiled Produce we work with a local Pig Farmer who picks up daily.  Flowers that are no longer saleable and the left over flower foliage is taken back home by Melanie and Wayne to put into their compost.  Likewise Coffee grounds are recycled.

Our flowers are sourced from NZ growers where ever possible.  This includes Melanie sourcing a lot of foliage from her own picking garden or neighbours who generously allow this!  

Our Gift Baskets, Hampers and Gift Boxes have the option of Personalised Cookies.  These Cookies with photo's or custom text stay fresh with compostable film.  Simply remove the sticker and add to your compost.

Wayne & Melanie try to do their best for the environment starting at home.  Having planted over 1000 trees and plants to improve local waterways, they are proud to say these waterways are no longer examples of what can go wrong when they are full of farm chemicals and effluent, but are great examples of what is possible when these water ways are surrounded by appropriate planting.

It goes without saying that we only sell locally sourced free range eggs.

We know there is always more we can do to support the community and environment and if you have suggestions please do get in touch.

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