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She Universe – Award Winning Artisan NZ Chocolate

Tucked away in the beautiful Governor’s Bay, Christchurch, is an award-winning Café and Chocolaterie called She Universe who first started at the Lyttelton farmers market selling the now famous Decadent Date 14 years ago. 


Since then She Universe has developed its own unique products combining the craft of been Chocolatiers and Confiseurs - which means they craft both from the cacao bean and work with the finest organic and fair-trade full bean Chocolate. 


These combined skills are unique in NZ and have proven to be an award-winning formula.  For our customers, this means we can offer great products recognised for their quality and taste, but also offer something special outside the mass-produced Easter Eggs commonly on sale.


When we were considering our Easter Egg Range for Paddock to Pantry, where we seek out products offering something ‘more’, partnering with She Universe and their range was a natural choice.  While there are beautiful-handcrafted super indulgent organic chocolate Easter Eggs (with chocolate inside), there are also Gluten, Dairy and Sugar Free variants made from Fair Trade chocolate giving our customers choices about how they celebrate Easter. 


These choices were important to us because we’d seen the delight on parents faces when they could provide great tasting treats without the need to sacrifice personal or health related choices.


Speaking of delight, that’s what we felt when we were offered the opportunity to come down and experience creating our own Easter Eggs in the She Universe Chocolate kitchen!


Like kids in a candy store we listened and learned the secrets from the passionate master Chocolatier Oonagh to create our own ‘masterpiece’.  It was a lot of fun and it made us appreciate the work that goes into each Creativity Easter Egg. 


Closer to home you can taste this locally crafted chocolate made with love at Paddock to Pantry, corner of Linwood & Blackbridge Roads, Karaka


We’ll have a collection that meets the needs of most ranging from $9.99 to $69.99.  If you wanted to ensure we haven’t sold out of that special Dairy Free, Gluten, Sugar Free Easter Egg, call us, we can either put it aside for you or pop it on a courier.


Because Easter only comes once a year, we also range year round the following products from She Universe.  Drop into our Grocery Store with ‘more’ and check them out!

Great Tasting Sugar Free Chocolate!       

Wayne Kennerley

17 March 2019




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