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How To Make A Gift Basket: An Extensive Guide

How to make a gift basket

There is no denying that Gift Baskets are the perfect gift - they look beautiful and can be personalised to your budget, your recipients tastes and the gifting occasion.

Putting together objects in a box is easy, crafting a Gift Basket that is sure to have an impact takes preparation, creativity and care. Below are Gift Basket ideas and pro-tips that we use in our process to get you inspired and on your way to crafting a Gift Basket that is sure to have a lasting impression. 



Who are you creating the Gift Basket for? 

Knowing who you’re gifting to is the number one crucial element to crafting the perfect Gift Basket. You need to keep them in mind throughout the process and ensure that you're creating the perfect Gift Basket that fits with their tastes, preferences and situation. 

Grab a pen and paper and write down what you know about them. Below are some thought starters to get you on the right track: 

  • What is their favourite colour?
  • Do they prefer white chocolate, dark chocolate or no chocolate at all? 
  • Do they drink alcohol? If so, what’s their favourite drop? 
  • Are they on a speciality diet such as the Keto Diet

Don’t know them too well? Not to worry!

Write down what you do know about them and move onto to the ‘Why’ stage below - this should help spark ideas by focusing on the gifting occasion. 

It’s easy to get distracted at the purchasing stage by your own personal tastes, so doing this will keep you on track to crafting a gift that your recipient will love!


Why are you sending them a Gift Basket?

Your reason for sending the Gift Basket will dictate what goes inside, even if you’re creating a gift for the same person twice. A Gift Basket to say congratulations is likely to include a completely different array of gifts to a basket that’s sending your sincerest condolences.

If you’re buying for someone that you don’t know too well this step can really help stare you towards what to include in your basket.

Are you saying congratulations to a client on purchasing a new home? Then include products that are tailored to a home environment, such as those that are in our Home Warming Hamper. 

Or have they announced that they’re expecting a baby? Then include something for the parents and the new arrival, like our Jellycat Baby Gift Baskets. 

Get clear on your why and write this down on your piece of paper. Put a big circle around it and revert back to it throughout the process. 


What is your budget?

Before you get underway consider how much you want to invest in your Gift Basket - both in terms of money and your time. 

Time is our most precious resource but is often undervalued or completely forgotten when putting together a budget. If you’re not prepared, you can waste a whole day shopping online or driving around trying to find the perfect things to go inside your Gift Basket, which is time that you’ll never get back. Getting an expert to craft the Gift Basket for you could be a better investment in your time than doing it yourself. If you fall into this category, we’re happy to help!

Only you can dictate the value of your time, so make sure that you take this into consideration.

For your monetary budget, take into consideration not only the cost of the products but also the shipping costs (both to send the Gift Basket and any costs associated with the products that you’re ordering to go inside), any petrol costs to get the products and cost of the box. If you don’t, you could quickly blow your budget!


When do you want your Gift Basket to arrive? 

Do you want to be organised and get your Gift Basket prepared now, but only get it delivered for Christmas or on their birthday?

Do some research into delivery times and cut-offs at your local post office. Any Gift Basket that you order through us can be ordered now to be delivered on your nominated date. We will make the Gift Basket on your delivery date so that everything is fresh and ready to have the best impact!

Nothing spoils a Gift Basket like a product that has gone off… 



Crafting your Gift Basket: ideas to spark your creativity!

Now onto the fun part… 

What are the best products to include in a Gift Basket? 

This will be dependent on your recipient and your reason for sending, so refer back to your preparation! 

However, there are a few key products that always seem to please; 

Most of our Gift Baskets include a Côte Noire candle as no matter what gender or age, everybody loves to relax in a nice smelling home. 

Chocolate is also always a crowd pleaser, even for those with restricted diets. If you’re shopping for a recipient with a specialised diet House of Chocolate offers a range of Vegan, Gluten Free & Dairy Free options. 


 Anoint Skincare

Saying congratulations? Include Champagne or Bubbles if your recipient drinks alcohol. If not, opt for some gourmet chocolates instead. 

Do you live locally? If so, include Flowers!

Flowers are the gift that keeps on giving as they can brighten up a home all week. Depending on your flower choice they can work to say ‘Well done’ or ‘Sorry for your loss’ so take the colour and type of flowers into consideration. We have a range of Gift Baskets with Flowers that can be delivered in Auckland to use as inspiration. We also work with The Wild Rose to create bespoke bouquets and arrangements so if you have a particular brief in mind or would like add Flowers to an existing Gift Basket we can help you


A Gift Basket is a fantastic opportunity to support local brands and suppliers

Buying from locals means that the money that your spending is invested in your community. They’re the perfect brands to include in your Gift Basket as their products are often handcrafted with love. Shopping locally also reduces your environmental impact and it feels good too! Some of our favourite local brands include Anoint, House of Chocolate and The Wild Rose and we include their premium products wherever we can. 

Check out some of our favourite Gift Baskets to give you some ideas: 

Fresh Fruit Hamper Auckland

Gift For Her NZ

Where do I get a Gift Basket? 

Sourcing a Gift Basket can surprisingly be the hardest part of the process. 

Choose a premium Gift Basket - first impressions matter! Make sure that you choose a high quality Gift Basket as even the most amazing products won’t pop in a low-quality box. 

We personally love Wooden Gift Boxes - we love the unique grain that comes through differently on every box. We can help you craft a Gift Basket by starting with one our premium Wooden Gift Boxes. We also have a range of Baskets which you can see in our Fresh Fruit Baskets, Home Warming Hamper and The Delightful Week Hamper. If you’d like one of these, get in touch! 

How do I wrap a Gift Basket? 

Style it in a way that makes an impact - if you’re needing to send it within the box, use a flat lay as inspiration to give each of the products their space to stand out. Make sure that you pop a ribbon on top to give it standout!

If you’re delivering it in person you can have a bit more fun and think outside the box - literally! Our Auckland Same Day Gift Baskets are hand delivered and can be stylised in a way to make the maximum impact, check them out for inspiration: 

And there you have it - expert tips on how to create a Gift Basket that your recipient is sure to love! 

We have invested a lot of time into perfecting our Gift Baskets so be sure to check them out here.

We can help you create the Gift Basket tailored to your tastes, budget and delivery needs that’s sure to impress.

Get in touch at paddock2pantry@gmail.com or on 09 291 9364 and we’ll be happy to help!

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