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Why do we celebrate Father’s Day in NZ by giving Father’s Day Gifts?

Father's Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring and celebrating the extraordinary fathers and father figures who have played a significant role in shaping our lives. In this blog, we’ll explore Father’s Day history and traditions, and provide a range of Father’s Day gift ideas to help you celebrate Dad.  

The Origin of Father's Day: A Tribute to Fatherly Love

Father's Day has a rich history that dates back to ancient times when fathers were revered and celebrated as symbols of strength and protection. Throughout history, fathers have been the pillars of their families, providing guidance, love, and support.

The modern-day Father's Day as we know it started to gain momentum in the early 20th century when a loving daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, sought to honour her father, who single-handedly raised her and her siblings. Inspired by the idea of Mother's Day, she proposed a special day to appreciate fathers and their contributions to families and society.

In 1910, the first Father's Day was observed in the United States, and after years of campaigning, it was officially recognised as a national holiday in 1972. 

When Is Father’s Day NZ?

Since its inception in the United States in 1910, Father's Day has become a beloved celebration worldwide, including here in New Zealand with the First Father’s Day celebrated in the 1920s. Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September each year.


Unique Father's Day Traditions Around the World

Father's Day is celebrated with various customs and traditions across the globe. In some countries, it's a religious occasion, while in others, it's an opportunity to honour both fathers and father figures. From heartfelt cards and gifts to festive gatherings and delicious feasts, each culture adds its own touch to this special day.

Make Father's Day Memorable with Thoughtful Gift Baskets

At Paddock To Pantry, your go-to online store specialising in delivering quality groceriesfruit baskets and gift baskets New Zealand wide, we are excited to help you express your love and gratitude to the special men in your life. We believe in making Father's Day extra special with thoughtful gifts that convey your love and appreciation. Whether your dad is a foodie, a wine enthusiast, or enjoys a little bit of everything, our premium Father's Day gift baskets have something for every taste.

Gourmet Delights for Dads with Discerning Palates

Wine Gift Basket

Surprise your dad with our handcrafted gourmet gift baskets, brimming with premium treats. Whether he’s into Pinot Noir and decadent chocolates or more of a Hot & Spicy lover, we have a Gift Basket for him. Each Gift Basket is carefully curated to delight his taste buds and bring a smile to his face.

The Perfect Pairing - Beer and Snack Baskets

Gift For Him - Beer Gift Basket

For the fathers who love to kick back with a cold one, our craft beer and snack baskets are the ideal choice. Filled with a selection of locally brewed beers and delicious snacks, these baskets are perfect for a relaxing Father's Day celebration. 

A Meat Lovers Dream for Dad’s that love the BBQ 

Butchers Box

For the Dad that always orders steak and prides himself on his BBQ skills, we have the perfect gift for him! Choose from our Meat & Eat Gift Basket that gives him a selection of seasonings and rubs to elevate the flavour of his meat, or choose our Butchers Box that gives him a selection of premium meat cuts to try. 


Wholesome Fruit Baskets for Health-Conscious Dads

Fruit Basket

If your dad values health and wellness, our fresh fruit baskets are the perfect gift. Filled with an assortment of juicy, ripe fruits (and a few sweet treats too), they make a thoughtful and nutritious present for the father figure in your life.

Customise Your Father's Day Gift Baskets

We understand that every dad is unique, and that's why we offer the option to customise your Father's Day gift basket. Choose from our wide range of high-quality products or create a personalised gift that perfectly matches your dad's preferences. If you'd like to create a personalised gift, please email info@paddocktopantry.co.nz with your budget and preferences. 

Nationwide Delivery to Celebrate Dad

No matter where your dad resides in New Zealand, Paddock To Pantry ensures timely and reliable nationwide delivery. Celebrate Father's Day with us and let your love and appreciation reach every corner of the country.

Optimise Your Father's Day Celebration with Paddock To Pantry

This Father's Day, make your dad feel truly special with Paddock To Pantry's carefully curated gift baskets. Show him your love and gratitude with premium groceries, indulgent treats, and delightful surprises and let him know how much he means to you with a free card included with every gift with your note. Explore our Father's Day collection and plan ahead to ensure your gift is delivered right on time.

Celebrate the pillar of strength in your life - your dad, your hero, your mentor. Happy Father's Day from Paddock To Pantry!

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