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Thyme Planting Kit and Ladybug Blend Seed Bombs (Small)

Thyme Planting Kit and Ladybug Blend Seed Bombs (Small)

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The perfect hamper to gift to those who want fresh herbs, vegetables or plants indoor.

This hamper contains the original self-watering hydroponic GroBot™ system, Thyme Planting Kit and Plant Food that helps your plant keep growing strong.  In addition we've added in a pack of 6 large seed bombs for your garden.  These seed bombs are designed to break up in the rain and already contain all the nutrients and organic material needed to support germination and success of the plants.  Just "throw and grow".  The perfect gift for someone who cares about the environment and loves fresh herbs for dinner!

The small glass hydroponic GroBot™ is made from 500 ml glass mineral water bottles, don't let the small size put you off.  Thanks to the unique hydroponic system you can still grow a full size plant in this little wonder.  

The wicking system allows the plant to draw up the water it needs and keeps the plant perfectly healthy, without any chemical additives or sprays.

All GroBots are made from 100% up-cycled glass, at the end of the growing season you just rinse them out and replant. Additionally, the self watering hydroponic system is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!  Approximately 1 plastic bottle is kept out of the landfill for every GroBot™ sold.  

All painted glass GroBots have a viewing window so you can still check the water level.

Save 70% more water and grow plants up to 50% faster!


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